GUI for sending email in R (using sendEmail)

After writing the last post on using sendEmail to send email from R I decided to create a simple GUI to enable this functionality.
A snapshot image of the GUI is shown above.
To use this GUI, you will need to install the following packages in R:

More information on installing gWidgets can be found in the package vignette found here

Once you have downloaded the Windows GTK Bundle, unzip it and add the included bin folder in your PATH. The README file mentions the avoidance of Winzip to unzip the GTK Bundle, so maybe you could use Winrar.

I had to restart R a few times for the installations and PATH changes to take effect.

The R script that creates the GUI is hosted as a download on

You can download it from this link

Alternately, issuing the command below will also work.


The GUI is very simplistic for now and I will continue to develop it and post updates.
I’m trying to familiarize myself with Git so I could update new versions and manage the code more effectively in the near future.

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Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic -- Arthur C. Clarke

2 Responses to GUI for sending email in R (using sendEmail)

  1. Robert says:

    Useless feature. It’s a waste of time

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